Department processing of meat and milk

The department was founded in 1974.

Бовкун А.А. The Head of the Department – Alla Bovkun, PhD

The main activity is training of managers and specialists of meat and dairy plants of all types of ownership. We teach chief technologists, heads of laboratories, chief engineers, specialists and technologists, chemists, heads of departments, masters.

The teaching staff:

Alla Bovkun, PhD, Yaroslava Zhukova, PhD
Senior teachers:
Svetlana Kolesnikova, PhD; Lilia Mlechko, Mikola Seluchenko.

The department participates in dairy trade shows in Kiev and Odessa conducting of seminars and providing of consultations.

Highlights of training programs (72 hours long) according to the schedule (meat and dairy industry).

Technique and technology of dairy industry

  • low-waste and wasteless technological processes of dairy products manufacturing. New requirements for row milk according to the national standard DSTU 3662-97.
  • Biotechnological processes of fermented dairy products. New fermented milk starters and bacterial cultures for direct inoculation, recommendations for their application.
  • Functional fermented dairy products, specifics of their manufacturing and impact on human health.
  • Peculiarities of hard cheeses technology. Manufacture of cheese cultures. The use of enzymes for milk coagulation for cheese production.
  • Improving the technology of butter, expanding its assortment and increasing the quality. Manufacture of spreads with vegetable oils.
  • Effective technological processes for the production of condensed and dried milk products.
  • Rational recycling technology. The use of alternative raw materials.
  • Highly efficient ways to reduce energy consumption and water supply in the manufacture dairy products.
  • Technical and microbiological control of raw materials and products. Quality control system ISO 9001 and HACCP. Experience of their implementation.

Veterinary expertise of meat products and meat raw materials

  • Implementation of new methods of toxicological tests for veterinary expertise of meat.

Ecology and rational use of natural resources

  • Current status and organization of work in the field of environmental protection. Sources and types of contamination. Actions on clearance of emissions and discharges. Control of environmental pollution. Requirements of occupational hygiene and industrial sanitary. Organization of work to produce ecologically clean products.
  • Radiation quality control of raw materials and products. Law of Ukraine on quality and food safety.

Occupational Safety

  • Training and testing with the use of computer equipment, issuance of state certificates.


Our Institute conducts short-term targeted seminars on order of enterprises:

  • Functional fermented dairy products, specifics of their manufacturing and impact on human health.

Program: Modern technology of healthcare dairy products. Functional foods: probiotics and prebiotic. Probiotic cultures. Impact of functional foods on human health. Methods for determination of bifidobacteria in dairy products.

Implementation of new technology will provide dairy plants with the opportunity to expand the assortment prolong of products shelf-life, improve quality, namely: viscosity due to the use of special strains of bacterial cultures, sensory properties (color, flavor) and nutritional value.

  • Quality and safety of new cheese technologies.
  • Seminars on actual topics according to the program “Current research methods of dairy products" during 40 hours (5 days)
    1. Determination of total and soluble protein in dairy products with international standard.
    2. Determination of phosphor by international standards.
    3. Determination of calcium by international standards.
    4. Determination of nitrate and nitrite in dairy products.

Advanced training for heads of departments, masters, economists of the dairy industry by the course "Optimization of the plan of production" during 32 training hours (4 days):

  1. Optimization of assortment to the accounting criteria.
  2. Maximization of profit.
  3. Minimization of production costs.
  4. Maximizing output in physical and monetary terms.

The program provides practical training on the computer. Students will receive a certificate after training.

The Department conducts individual consultations on engineering and technology in a self-supporting basis. Students and participants of seminars are provided with a hostel.

Phone / fax for information: (044) 449-68-89 (Training Division)
The Department: (044) 449-10-05
Е-mail: електронна адреса  ІПДО НУХТ , електронна адреса кафедри переробки м'яса та молока ІПДО НУХТ

Requests for training should be sent to the contact address of the Institute.

History of the Department

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