Department of Sugar and Saccharides Production

The department was founded in 1969.

Штангеєв Констянтин Остапович Head of the department is — Shtangeev Kostiantyn Ostapovych, PhD (Techn), Associate Professor. Areas of activities are beet sugar production, training of sugar industry specialists.


•    Up-to-date technological processes and equipment of beet sugar production;
•    Techno-chemical and microbiological control in beet sugar production;
•    Efficient operation, repairs and adjustment of sugar factories equipment;
•    Labour protection;
•    Environmental problems in branch;
•    Water supply and waste waters treatment systems.

    Categories of specialists:

    Chief Engineers and their substitutes, Chief Chemists and their substitutes, Heads of laboratories, Chief Mechanics and their substitutes, Chiefs of shifts, Shift Chemists, Chemists-engineers, Heads of mechanical shops, Chief Foremen of sugar factories equipment.

    Academic Staff Members of the Department

    Head of the department
    K.O.Shtangeev, PhD (Techn), Associate Professor
    DSc (Techn) Mykola D.Khomenko,
    PhD (Techn) Kostiantyn D.Skoryk,
    DSc (Techn) L.I.Cherniavska
    Associate Professor
    PhD (Techn) Olexandr U.Dmytrenko
    Senior Lecturers
    Anatolii I.Sorokin,
    Valentina P.Chupakhina,
    Mykola F.Kalinichenko

    Співробітники кафедри цукру

    More than 30 years the department works on methodical support of training process: manuals and practical textbooks for use in production, methodical guidelines as for technological processes characteristics, recommendations for preparation of abstracts, lectures, projects, summaries, laboratory practicum carrying out, other types of training, knowledge level testing of students.

    Each year the department trains 800 to 1200 chief specialists and specialists of factories and organizations of the sugar industry taking into account purpose-oriented seminars.

    Besides training of chief specialists and specialists (time of training 72 hours and more) the department carries out, by request of customers, short-term purpose-oriented training (18 hours and more) concerning the most actual problems of the beet sugar industry.

    Short-term annual seminars for specialists of sugar factories:
    1. Ways of raising efficiency of beet sugar production April
    2. Development of guidelines for sugar beet processing of the current year yield August
    3. Ways of sugar quality increase and up-to-date quality assessment methods. Certification of products April
    4. Ways of raising operation efficiency of beet flume ducts and washing plant February
    5. New in theory and practice of raw juice extractio April
    6. New in theory and practice of juice and thick juice purification and filtration March
    7. New in theory and practice of sugar crystallization April
    8. Ways of saving of raw materials, fuel-energy resources and other materials in sugar beet processing January-June
    9. New in technology of recycling and waste waters treatment of sugar production March


    In last years the department carries out improvement of professional skills on upper mentioned questions on the basis of Institute according to the training schedules as well as at enterprises by order and contract.

    The department has developed 47 laboratory works concerning techno-chemical and microbiological control. Complete spectrum is embraced of laboratory analysis and researches that are necessary for operation of sugar factory specialists of technological sphere.

    The most widely used in practice of beet sugar production methods of analysis and laboratory works are carried out in a founded Centre of Laboratory Researches of Raw Materials and Food Products.

    Academic staff of the department is systematically reinforced with experienced researchers with practical skills. Also one invites to deliver lectures specialists from R&D institutes, National Association “Ukrtsukor”, State Committee of Standards etc. Specialists of academic staff of the department are permanent members or are invited to technical councils, specialized academic councils, committees, commissions on sugar beet industry, ecology and environment protection.

    The department is a leading organization during DSc and PhD degrees thesis defending. Members of the department are official opponents; prepare comments to author’s abstracts of dissertations. Considerable job is fulfilled by the department in reviewing of monographs, books, manuals, scientific articles, methodical materials etc.

    The department gives practical consulting help to the state, regional organizations and sugar factories. The department carries out paid individual consulting on technique and technology.

    Students and participants of seminars are accommodated with a hostel. Payment for the accommodation is fulfilled at the expense of business trip cost.

    Research activity is carried out in the following areas:

    1.    development of new forms and methods of education activation during improvement of professional skills;
    2.    development of new technological schemes, equipment, technological regulations;
    3.    writing of books, manuals, course books, scientific articles;
    4.    inventive activities etc.

    Starting from 2002 the department expanded frames of cooperation with the National University of Food Technologies (NUFT) after Institute of Post-diploma Training (IPDT) has been included into the NUFT structure as a subdivision. Perspective plan of cooperation was elaborated and is fulfilled between department of Technology of Sacchariferous Substances of NUFT and the department of Sugar and Saccharides Production of IPDT concerning educational, methodical and research activities.

    The department cooperates fruitfully with the National Association of Sugar-men of Ukraine  “Ukrtsukor”, with other organizations of the sugar branch and sugar factories of Ukraine. Also it has relations with sugar industry specialists of CIS countries.

    We ask to send orders for educational services to the contact addresses of IPDT NUFT.

    Consultations by telephones: +380(44)4490320, tel/fax +380(44)4001213.

    Academic Staff Members of the Department in 1969-2012

    1969–1971 Faculty of Sugar Production
    Deputy Dean
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. M.S.Karpovych.
    1969–1971 Faculty of training by correspondence

    Deputy Dean

    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. V.O.Nagorna
    28.09.1971 Institute of Professional Skills Improvement

    Department Head

    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. A.L.Sokolova
    1971–1980 Department of Technique and Technology of Sugar Production
    Department Head
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. A.L.Sokolova.
    Associate Professors:
    PhD (Techn) M.S.Karpovych
    PhD (Techn) B.O.Kutsenko
    PhD (Techn) V.O.Nagorna
    PhD (Techn) V.P.Lysikov
    PhD (Techn) G.P.Voloshanenko.
    1981–1989 Department of Progressive Technology of Sugar and Fermentation Production
    Department Head:
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. A.L.Sokolova.  1981 to 1987
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. M.D.Khomenko .  1987 to 1989
    1989–1995 Department of Progressive Technology of Sugar and Sacchariferous Substances
    Department Head
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. M.D.Khomenko (1989).
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. B.O.Kutsenko. ( 1990 to 1994)
    Associate Professors:
    PhD (Techn) K.D.Skoryk (from 1991),
    PhD (Techn) G.P.Voloshanenko (till 1991),
    PhD (Techn) A.L.Sokolova (till 1993),
    PhD (Techn) V.O.Nagorna,
    DSc (Techn) V.K.Suprunchuk (1990 to 1998)
    B.O.Melentiev (1998),
    S.S.Guseva (1992 to 1994).
    1995–1999 Department of Sugar and Sacchariferous Substances
    Department Head
    DSc (Techn), Prof. M.D.Khomenko.
    Associate Professors:
    PhD (Techn), Associate Prof. B.O.Kutsenko (till 1997),
    PhD (Techn) V.O.Nagorna (till 1999),
    PhD (Techn) K.D.Skoryk,
    PhD (Techn) K.O.Shtangeev (from 1998).
    Senior Lecturer:
    2000–2004 Department of Sugar and Sacchariferous Substances
    Department Head:
    DSc (Techn), Prof. M.D.Khomenko.
    Associate Professors:
    PhD (Techn) K.D.Skoryk,
    PhD (Techn) K.O.Shtangeev,
    PhD (Techn) O.U.Dmytrenko (from 2001).
    Senior Lecturers:
    M.E.Kositska (2000 tо 2001),
    A.I.Sorokin (from 2003),
    M.F.Kalinichenko (from 2002)
    2005-2012 Department of Sugar and Sacchariferous Substances
    Department Head:
    DSc (Techn), Prof. M.D.Khomenko (till November 2009).

    Історія розвитку кафедри

    Дивитись історію кафедри виробництва цукру та цукристих речовин.