Department of Computer Science

Петренко Олександр Якович Alexander Y. Petrenko - Head of Department. Professor, Ph.D.

Tel: (044) 449–07–51

The department was founded in 1975. Since its establishment, staffing the department, the direction of education, teaching and research, was determined by needs of the field and move the world and the internal development of computer technology and relevant software.

Be one step ahead of industry requests for information structures (ranging from office management to the most remote branch specialized companies from all over Ukraine), to identify and promptly meet the needs in training skilled users of information applications - this is the way this academic unit.


Ph.D. Alexander Y. Petrenko, Ph.D. Vusatyuk Andrei, and M.Ph.D  Vladimir S.Sadovenko.

Chief teachers:
Tatiana V. Arabuli. Victoria V. Bondarenko.

Head of the Laboratory:
Mary G. Zabozhko.

Galina Kovalenko.

Traditionally, our students are almost all categories of workers, from managers, their deputies, finance and law professionals (accountants, planners, accountants, lawyers) to staff offices, archives and HR departments, advertising and public relations, librarians, archivists, literary and art editors, proofreaders. A large proportion of the educational process at the department is to enhance skills in the use of modern computer science and information technology researchers and graduate students of research institutes and institutions of agriculture and food industry workers, teachers and industry specialized secondary educational institutions.

Areas of training department

  • Modern computer skills and professional work in the information environment with office applications;
  • information retrieval systems and databases;
  • computer graphics and design in research and presentation activities;
  • computer publishing systems and technologies in research, production and presentation activities;
  • computerized accounting in enterprises of different ownership forms;
  • automated system design;
  • statistical analysis, design of experiment and simulation;
  • computerized communication and workflow-based global network Internet, local networks and facsimile transmission;
  • information arrangement workplace PC users - the software installation, service and protection from unauthorized impacts and optimize the coordination of production problems with the software according to the criteries of professional training users, performance and financial expenditures;
  • improving the use of computer technology provider (fast typing, a rapid edition of the text and graphics);
  • Preparation of production, teaching, research and reference materials and manuals to be published electronically;
  • creation of modern presentation materials;
  • information security in computer systems;
  • technology of electronic computing in the tables;
  • ECDL test preparation (The European Computer Driving Licence).

Classes department equipped with modern means computer technology. Classes are held in groups of small size (from 7 persons per group), taking into account the current training of students. The curriculum and programs, as well as time, duration and form of employment lies in coordination with customers.

History Department

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