Department of Economics, Accounting and Finances

Бутнік-Сіверський О.Б. Butnik-Siverskiy Olexandr Borisovich - Head of Department. Doctor of economic sciences, Professor

Phone (044) 449–96–83

Department of Economics, Accounting and Finances with the present stuff exists from 1998. The Department is headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, corresponding member of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Professor O. Butnik-Siverskiy.

The image of the Department is a high scientific and practical level of advanced training of top managers and specialists of the food and processing industry. The advanced training is carried out by the Department’s staff in close collaboration with leading specialists of the branch in the area of management, economics, finances, accounting, strategic management, marketing and law, and with involving the professionals of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Tax administration, scientific and research institutions, leading enterprises and associations of the branch.

The way to achieve the purpose is combining the experience of scientific, methodological and educational work with high professionalism of practicing specialists.

Teaching staff of the Department

Doctor of Economic Sciences O. Butnik-Siverskiy.
Associate Professors:
Ph.D. in Economics T. Berezyanko, Ph.D. in Economics O. Vyalets.
Senior lecturers:
S. Butnik-Siverskiy, G. Zemko, L. Kosenko, A. Sharova.

The main courses (subjects) offered by the Department

  • Economy of the enterprise in modern terms;
  • financial and tax management;
  • managerial and financial accounting;
  • strategic management;
  • marketing;
  • legal regulation of enterprises business activity.

Topics are dynamically updated according to changes in legislation, trends in economic development. Seminars programs can be formed by the needs of customers.

On enterprises order the Department conducts a long-term advanced training in amount of 92 and 144 hours (2-3 weeks) for directors of enterprises and deputy directors, specialists of financial, economical and accounting services.

Economy of enterprise in modern terms:

  • market diagnostics, the strategy of capital, business planning and forecasting;
  • business planning methods, break-even point, contribution, pricing policy, strategy and pricing formation mechanism;
  • assessment of human resources and remuneration mechanism, costs management and control system;
  • investment strategy, assessment of investment attractiveness and intellectual property, the effectiveness of financial and economic activity, CVP-analysis, readjustment and restructuring of enterprises;
  • external economic activity, Joint Ventures, the mechanisms of settlements and integration processes;
  • economics of intellectual property

Financial and tax management:

  • financial support of business plan and regulatory function of the state. Tax system of Ukraine, tax mechanism and taxpayers responsibility;
  • banking system, loan capital, and stock transactions;
  • stock market, capital and money securities, derivatives, own capital, corporate transactions, dividend policy;
  • financial management, its strategy and tactics, information support and financial instruments;
  • financial and operating leverages, business risks, financial marketing, leasing business, bills in economic turnover;
  • matrixes of financial strategy of the activity, financial forecasting, construction of the forecast balance, cash flow, investments and determining of their current and future value (discounting).

Managerial and financial accounting

  • Organization and principles of national accounting, accounting policy. Financial reporting and its information support;
  • own capital accounting, fixed and current assets, inventories and costs formation, methods of determining of assets value;
  • financial accounting and determination of financial results;
  • tax accounting and tax reporting;
  • accounting of payment transactions, receivables and payables, currency operations (exchange rate differences);
  • computer usage in accounting considering accounting standards.

Strategic Management

  • Systematic methodology in management, strategy of enterprise behavior;
  • human resource management. Psychological methods of Human Resource Management;
  • supervisor-manager, managers and system of business values;
  • investment management and investment project;
  • management of corporate rights, public relations.

The main activities of the Department

On order of associations and enterprises and according to agreed topics the Department carries out::

  • long-term advanced training in amount of 92 and 144 hours (2-3 weeks) for top managers and reserve for the position of top manager; specialists of financial, economical, accounting, marketing, technical and technological services; lawyers, employees of HR departments;
  • targeted training for managing employees and specialists in food and processing industry;
  • long-term and short-term targeted scientific and practical seminars, workshops, seminar meetings.

On orders of the enterprises and their associations the department offers an organizing of targeted consultative workshops (3-5 day) for separate groups of specialists: economists-financiers, accountants-economists, lawyers, managers, marketers, HR employees and also specialists working in small businesses, to enhance separate issues regarding fallowing ways of advanced training:

  • training of corporate relations building in joint stock companies;
  • training of business plans making considering investment development of enterprises with leasing operations;
  • costs forming, planning and calculation of productions prime cost and price formation in the enterprise;
  • practice of business transactions accounting and preparing of financial reports using accounting standards;
  • analysis of industrial and financial activity of an enterprise with forecast estimates;
  • workshop on taxation and tax accounting in the enterprise using accounting standards;
  • human resource management;
  • market researches in enterprises business.

The educational process is provided with modern methods, pedagogical achievements constantly being improved and department’s own developments are updated in the fallowing ways:

  • professional advanced training programs for the above categories of students;
  • methodical and practical materials for courses and separate topics;
  • modern types of active studying (problematic seminars, trainings, business games, etc.) that allows to handle real situations that occur in business;
  • thematic model-programs on CD-ROMs (for example, express analysis of industrial and economic activity by forecast estimates).

At students service Methodical cabinet of accounting and financial management works in the Department. Cabinet is provided with a library, methodical and practical materials, selections of laws and advisory materials on actual issues of enterprises economic activity and by training programs.

The priority areas of scientific and research work of the Department is development of methodical recommendations for planning, accounting and production prime cost calculation, researching of problems of commercialization, evaluation and accounting of intellectual property for enterprises of alcohol, alcoholic beverage, brewery and soft drink industries. As a result of research and methodical materials the articles are published in scientific journals, some publications, monographs, books:

The Department provides consulting services. On associations, enterprises and organizations order research and consulting regarding actual issues of business is conducted.

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